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Solids removal by parallel plate settling for water & waste water treatment - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Significant enhancement in separation processes. The content of sludge, sand and silts in surface water can reach several thousand milligrams per liter. Chemical precipitation and flocculation produce important amounts of solids.

The most economic process to remove this pollution is parallel plate settling (sedimentation). Multiple sedimentation planes within one tank reduce the size and cost of the tanks.

2H TUBEdek FS41.50 tube settler is the ideal product for this application. It can be adapted to process design requirements by variation of inclination, length of tubes and module sizes. The lamella sedimentation process can be most efficiently applied based on the unique features of 2H TUBEdek.

  • Mechanical strength simplifies installation, cleaning and maintenance
  • Advantageous hydraulic parameters achieve efficiency (Reynolds number)
  • Equidistant channels for full sedimentation
  • Special support systems avoid impact on the process
  • Up to 15 sedimentation planes above one sqm of base
  • V-Shaped tubes improve the discharge of solids

Even in round clarifiers: 2H TUBEdek® parallel plate separators for an efficient sedimentation process

Rhomboid 2H TUBEdek® modules are not only suited to be used in rectangular tanks. No, they can be installed in round tanks as well. Depending on the diameter of the sedimentation tank, a tangential, a radial or a parallel configuration will be applied. Learn more from our brochure, which you will find in the “Downloads”-Section to the right.

Our on-site assembly technology makes the construction of efficient plants possible in all parts of the world. The technology is easy to apply and reliable. Reference plants producing several hundred thousand cubic meters of treated water per day are operating in Uganda, Vietnam and San Salvador.