Bentley Systems Incorporated

Solutions for design, construction, and operation of communication networks industry - Communications / Telecom / Datacom

If you are a communications services provider, Bentley solutions can help you to more effectively manage your network. If you plan, design, build, or operate communications networks, you require solutions that increase end-user productivity, support complex engineering calculations, empower field workflows, and deliver an intelligent, highly accurate network model.

Bentley offers a wide range of capabilities for communications service providers with solutions for HFC, fiber, and large telecommunications networks, particularly enabling your engineering teams and mobile workforces. Our intelligent network model design solution is supported with a managed environment for project team collaboration. Our engineering content management solution ensures all project work over the lifecycle of your network is maintained and accessible. The result is better managed and more intelligent communications network infrastructure.

As the owner-operator of a communications network, you are faced with increased consumer demands, rapidly changing technology advancements, and complex field workflows. With these challenges, you can benefit from software that:

  • Helps you design, manage, and operate communications networks
  • Seamlessly integrates GIS capabilities with engineering tools
  • Incorporates mobile apps and managed work processes for field-based crews
  • Provides a collaborative framework for the engineering team
  • Ensures all capital and operational project information is systematically managed