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Solutions for every type of building and facility sector - Construction & Construction Materials

Maximize the return on your building or facility with solutions for the entire asset lifecycle. Improve design coordination, get visibility into construction, and ensure design and construction information is retained for operational use. Bentley’s design, analytical, reality, and construction modeling solutions bring together all the disciplines involved in the design and construction of your facilities. With processes managed through our project collaboration solution, you can progress intelligent models produced by your project delivery team from design, construction, and into operations. As a result, you will reduce costs, manage capital projects, and maximize the return on your investment.

You may manage commercial, educational, retail, or other types of buildings. Or, you may operate health care, educational, airport, or other complex facilities. Whatever the building or facility type, Bentley’s multi-discipline modeling applications, project collaboration framework, and operational solutions enable you to manage and share information throughout the entire asset lifecycle. 

If you need to retrofit or expand a facility, our reality modeling solution helps you to rapidly capture the existing context for your design team. And our construction modeling solution provides you with visibility during construction.
By actively managing the entire lifecycle of your building or facility, you can:

  • Engineer out construction and maintenance costs
  • Compress and manage project schedules
  • Optimize operational effectiveness
Bentley’s commitment to information mobility enables you to leverage detailed geospatial, architectural, and engineering content across the lifecycle of your facility, helping you to reduce maintenance costs, make more informed facilities management decisions, and meet commitments for regulatory compliance.