H. Barber & Sons, Inc.

SURF RAKE Sand Cleaner Applications - Waste and Recycling

The SURF RAKE sand cleaner is the most versatile machine on the market for sand cleaning, litter removal, and beach debris separation. By utilizing a `top-down` cleaning method of tine raking and leveraging Barber`s patented conveyor system, the SURF RAKE excels at cleaning all kinds of sand and beach conditions. Select the tab from bellow to view how this sand cleaner can remove a variety of materials from the beach quickly and effectively.

Litter Collection
The S-belt sifting/raking conveyor belt is ideal for picking garbage off the beach. As shown in the video bellow, it easilly
removes boxes, cans, bottles, wrappers, bottle caps, and a variety of other debris without removing sand. As the premier sand cleaner on the market, it simultaneously rakes and sifts to remove litter and sieve it from the beach.

The SURF RAKE is the only sand cleaner that easily removes wet, heavy seaweed. It excels at cleaning in wet sand areas, where the ocean deposits seaweed on a daily basis.

Small Materials
The SURF RAKE's time-tested conveyor system design of offset rows allows the stainless tines to collect even the smallest debris. SURF RAKE beach rakes have out performed other types of sand cleaners in a variety of competitions around the globe. Equally as important as collecting small material, like cigarette butts, is the fact that these beach cleaners accomplish this task without collecting sand.

Rocks/Large Debris
Heavy-duty heat-treated stainless steel alloy tines, which are found on all SURF RAKE sand cleaners, allow them to collect large stones without damage. If a stone is too large or deeply buried, the tine flexes back then automatically returns to the normal working position.

Oil Spills
SURF RAKE sand cleaners have been successfully used to clean oil spills in the US, Europe and the Middle East. Oil residue or tar balls are collected by the tines and deposited in the hopper. As there are no screens or sieves, tar balls do not to clog and damage the equipment.

Turf & Stone Picking
Many Municipal Recreation Departments use their sand cleaners to remove stones and debris from areas to be seeded and to remove encroaching grass. Other customers use the machine to groom ball fields, loosen compacted soil and remove small stones and debris.