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Visual inspection solutions for the borescopes for turbine and turbine components inspection - Energy

Turbines and generators are important pieces of machinery that need to be properly maintained and repaired to ensure maximum service life and safety. Non destructive remote visual inspection of turbines with a video borescope is a cost effective and efficient way to inspect without having to disassemble a turbine. Steam and gas turbines run at extremely high pressures, and they need to be kept in good mechanical shape to efficiently do their jobs. Not only is efficiency a concern, no one wants to learn there is a problem with the gas turbine in their engine while in use, proper maintenance checks can play a huge role in ensuring the functionality and safety of these engines.

Safety is also a concern when working with steam powered turbines, finding mechanical changes before they become problems allow repairs to be made before there are losses in productivity, and can lessen the amount of production lost to unforeseen shutdowns for repair. Our videoscopes allow hard to reach places to be visualized and include a light source to illuminate the area under inspection. This allows gas or steam turbines to be monitored for wear and tear, and problem areas to be identified, without having to dismantle the turbines.

The portable nature of inspection videoscopes means they can be used virtually anywhere turbines are located; video of turbine inspection can also be recorded and stored for future reference. You can keep a record of past inspections to identify possible future problems before they affect the efficiency of your system. Proper use of video borescopes to inspect turbines will save you time and money and help ensure the ongoing safety of the equipment.

Benefits of using video borescopes to inspect turbines:

  • Do safety inspections without having to dismantle the turbine
  • Record inspections for future reference (monitor small changes over time)
  • Visualize hard to reach places
  • Locate foreign objects
  • Find problem and know what to expect before turbines are dismantled

Depends of nature of inspection and type of turbine you can find a wide selection of videoscopes. To inspect extra small bores and cavities from 0.6mm diameter Ultra- and Super Thin Fiberscopes  will be the best choice. If inspection should be done remotely on distance up to 30 meters, check our Orion Video Borescope, VIPER Push Type Inspection Camera or iSnake system.  For even longer distance pay your attention to Anaconda, Python and Trogloprobe camera system.  Every product has its own features and if you experience any troubles with choosing most suitable device call our technical specialist for consultation.