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Waste compaction for the retail industry - Retail

Retail outlets and leisure facilities will undoubtedly generate large quantities of waste. Heavy footfall inevitably leads to waste management issues in order to ensure premises are kept clean, tidy and safe. HSM’s balers offer the ideal solution for any shop, retail outlet and leisure facility. HSM’s product range includes small footprint balers ideally suited to retail waste and a cost-effective and efficient alternative to skips and bins.


HSM has a comprehensive range of balers of different sizes and specifications, to suit retail businesses of all kinds. Our balers can take your waste cardboard or plastic packaging and compact it into a manageable, tidy, hygienic bundle which can then be easily stored before being transported off-site. Our range includes small footprint balers which can be safely housed inside or outside, depending on floor space.

Our balers are ideal when placed near to a retailer’s delivery area for ease of unloading and waste management, saving time and, as a result of the streamlined process, saving money too. HSM can offer balers which take up only a small area and can cost-effectively manage any volume of waste.

Our new generation of modern balers have been created to use low levels of energy, generate a minimum level of noise and operate without the need for constant supervision.

HSM has a wide range of balers for use in industrial and manufacturing settings. Many materials including, cardboard, paper, plastic packaging, PET Bottles/other rigid plastics and drinks cans can be successfully baled using one of HSM’s high specification balers.

Whether it’s a vertical, horizontal or fully automatic, channel baler that is required, HSM has a range of solutions for every location, and able to fit in to the available space.

Our vertical balers are ideal for smaller spaces and where less waste is generated. Front or top-loaded and with easy bale ejection systems, they can be perfect in many situations.

HSM’s horizontal and channel balers offer a more automated process and can offer additional features like automatic feeding and bale wire-tying.

HSM is experienced in creating bespoke packages of equipment, offering advice, technical back-up and service support nationally.

HSM’s balers can help your company to meet its environmental and health and safety commitments by quickly and easily 
recycling waste materials and ensuring a clean, tidy and safe working environment at all times.