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PBS Velká Bíteš develops and manufactures machines for the separation of solid and suspended particles from liquids. The so-called "Decanter Centrifuges" can be used for a wide range of applications: from separation of municipal and industrial sludge in waste water treatment plants, through food and chemical industries up to agriculture. In the area of separation, we offer not only the decanter centrifuges themselves, but also the related services, including servicing of third-party equipment.

    1. Low acquisition price
    2. Minimum operating costs
    3. Small built-up area
    4. High dry content in the dewatered sludge
    5. High flexibility of operation
    6. Possible simple connection to any related hygienization technology, including automated processes
    7. Functional equipment without useless and potentially faulty secondary functions
    8. Wide spectrum of application of the decanter centrifuges (from waste water treatment plants, through food and chemical industry up to agriculture)
    9. Individual approach – tailor-made solutions
    10. We operate the quality and environmental management system complying with ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and AS 9100
    11. Monitoring of latest trends (development of new types of decanter centrifuges)
    12. Quick service (arrival of technicians in the Czech Republic in 48 hours), including servicing of third-party equipment
    13. References of many applications (decanter centrifuges working over 20 years)
    14. Czech company with long traditions, supported by renowned brand


Various process equipment is used for sludge dewatering; its application is generally dependent on the size of the plant, cost effectiveness, legislation, or technological obsolescence. Sludge dewatering decreases the volume of solid particles and thus reduces demand on their transport and on processing technologies for their further use in form of fertilizers or fuels.



The development of a network of waste water treatment plants is still live issue both in this country and abroad thanks to the continuous European support to the development of water supply infrastructure. The decanter centrifuges manufactured by PBS can be used by municipalities with up to twenty thousand residents and by micro regions. There are four types of the decanter centrifuges depending on the municipality size.


Our experienced team will propose appropriate centrifuge depending on suspension type. By default, we test the suspension character and parameters to offer and provide optimum solution to the customer.

Mobile dewatering

Mobile decanter centrifuges

  • Municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants without sludge processing system

Mobile decanter centrifuges are an optimal solution for sludge dewatering in the field. The device is designed mainly for smaller waste water treatment plants without sludge dewatering equipment or customers who require dewatering only once or occasionally – e.g. for tests of sludge dewaterability.
The system consists of two-motored decanter centrifuge located on a trailer together with a flocculator equipped with necessary pumps, piping and conveyors including electronic control systems.

PBS offers 4 models of decanter centrifuges (see separate pictures), which can be also connected in parallel.