Genesis Water Technologies, Inc.

Wastewater treatment management for humanitarian industry - Environmental

According to the World Heath Organization (WHO), more than one billion people lack access to safe drinking water and sanitation worldwide, and for this reason, water borne illness has become the leading cause of death. In fact, water borne disease kills more than 3.4 million people each year due to lack of clean water and sanitation treatment. Mobile water treatment systems solve these water contamination issues and save lives across the world.

Genesis Water Technologies engineers, designs and manufactures sustainable modular and mobile water treatment systems that are ideally suited for treating water in a centralized location for emergency relief, as well as various humanitarian needs from refugee and worker camps to disaster relief and other humanitarian efforts.

Genesis Water Technologies partners with private organizations, as well as government aid & relief agencies, along with qualified regional partners to facilitate and provide humanitarian support through the provision of high quality, safe drinking water and sustainable decentralized domestic waste water treatment solutions.

The typical source water for our mobile water treatment systems are surface water or well water sources with TDS levels lower than 750 mg/l TDS. However, higher salinity levels and contaminants such as heavy metals, organics, hydrocarbons and pesticides can be treated as well depending on source water contamination.

Our GWT series modular waste water treatment systems can typically handle contaminated source water including domestic waste water, grey water, and storm water. The treated water after this process is typically of high quality and can be used for agriculture, irrigation or other non potable domestic needs.

According to the UN, the water and sanitation crisis claims more lives through water borne disease than all of the wars fought with guns throughout history.

The UN predicts that by 2025, 66% of the world’s population will face periodic and severe water shortages. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes and damaging floods claim most of their victims as a result of drinking contaminated water supplies.

  • Modular System Solution Optimization for Reliability, Sustainability, and Performance
  • Energy efficient system solutions configured based on source water application to ensure treated, safe water.
  • Technical Support and Consumables Programs to Maintain Optimized System Performance

We look forward to working with your organization to contribute positively to the societal, health, environmental, and economic well-being of people around the world.