Wastewater treatment solutions for biogas and biofuel - Energy - Bioenergy

Combining industrial performance and sustainable development while remaining competitive requires that the biogas and biofuels industry ensure industrial process safety, reduceoperational costs, implement solutions providing significant savings and comply with environmental regulations, which ultimately lead to the public’s acceptance of a site.

IDRAFLOT flotation units are a technological solution for:

  • Wastewater Treatment Process Pre-treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment Process Tertiary Treatment (P removal)
  • Wastewater Treatment Process Sludge Thickening
  • MBBR Post treatment Sludge Separation
  • Rain water, floor cleaning
  • Pure Water and Wastewater Filter Back Wash treatment

Segment: Process

  • UASB Biogas: Digestate, Feed Liquid
  • Biofuel: Bio-oil production
  • Emergency: Temporary mobile Units