Wastewater treatment solutions for pulp and paper industry - Pulp & Paper

Being an industry where large quantities of water are used, the pulp & paper is a key sector for the application of IDRAFLOT. IDRAFLOT can be applied for the process water treatment (pre-treatment or tertiary treatment), and for the separation of fibers and suspended solids in the wastewater treatment.

  • Wastewater Treatment Process Pre-treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment Process Tertiary Treatment (P removal)
  • Wastewater Treatment Process Sludge Thickening
  • MBBR Post treatment Sludge Separation
  • Rain water, floor cleaning
  • Pure Water and Wastewater Filter Back Wash treatment

Segment: Process

  • Paper: Cellulose and Fiber Separation, Cardboard
  • High quality Paper (Money): Cellulose and Fiber Separation, Printing (Money)
  • Soft Paper: Cellulose and Fiber Separation
  • Emergency: Temporary mobile Units