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Water treatment solutions for energy generation industry - Energy

Powerful components for power plants. ProMinent solutions simplify everything: even complex power plant systems are optimally organised through a combination of our pumps and metering systems.

We'll take care of things for you
By integrating a complete solution from ProMinent in modern process control systems, such as SCADA or BUS, all water, steam and cooling circuits in the power plant can be controlled centrally. Efficient measuring and metering of pumps and systems, coupled with a complex control. And it doesn't matter whether the power plant is a traditional coal-fired one or a modern gas and steam plant.

Regulations? We all encounter them!
Outstanding water quality is one of our specialisms. The various circuits in a power plant are subject to country-specific regulations. ProMinent is highly familiar with all these standards and can apply them exactly to system design. Individually designed metering stations and accurately installed measuring and control technology perform your tasks ideally. And carefully selected pumps can easily handle any task. Thanks to the range of products available from ProMinent, it's easy to find the right pump with the right performance profile.

The longer the better
Our components offer lots of advantages: They are cleverly planned. They are ready to connect instantly. And they do what they were designed for: work tirelessly and efficiently. Our high-quality ProMinent technology has another pleasant surprise up its sleeve: it extends the life of your systems. What's more, you don't have to worry about a thing. We install our technology and provide in-depth operator training.