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Water Treatment Solutions for Hydrogen Sulfide - Water and Wastewater - Drinking Water

Sulfates and hydrogen sulfide are both common nuisance contaminants. Although neither is usually a significant health hazard, sulfates can have a temporary laxative effect on humans and young livestock. Sulfates also may clog plumbing and stain clothing. Hydrogen sulfide produces an offensive `rotten egg` odor and taste in the water, especially when the water is heated.

Treatment options depend on the form and quantities in which sulfates and/or hydrogen sulfide occur in untreated water- Therefore, it is critical that a comprehensive water analysis be conducted.. Small quantities of sulfate may be removed from water using distillation or reverse osmosis, while large quantities may be removed using ion exchange treatment.  Hydrogen sulfide gas may be associated with the presence of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria. Hydrogen sulfide may be reduced or removed by shock chlorination, water heater modification, activated carbon filtration, oxidizing filtration or oxidizing chemical injection. AdEdge provides treatment for hydrogen sulfide using our AD26 media in our systems, it is the same as for iron and manganese, allowing the removal of all three contaminants in one process