Water treatment systems for chemical industry

The effluents that accrue in the cleaning process of silo vehicles and containers for transportation of raw materials for the chemical industry, are highly complex and constantly changing in the composition of wastewater. Flocculation as the prior art of treatment for chemical waste water can not remove many of the completely dissolved invisible substances. Thus, the residual stresses are evident despite high claritv of the `Treated effluent` is often well above the levels witch are applicable for wastewater in domestic environments.


For wastewater treatment of effluents from the interior cleaning we have developed a modular treatment system that can handle individually nearly every cargo-profile and almost any mixture of effluents from Transport of Dangerous Goods
class 8 and 9.

By using our high-performance bioreactors. the organic residual stress in the purified wastewater is also substantially below 600 /. the usual guidance value for domestic wastewater and eliminates the cost for heavy user charge on top of the usual sewage fee.

Depending on the cargo profile and a corresponding system design the consumption of chemical products for wastewater treatment and sludge production is reduced by up 85% compared to conventional flocculation solutions.