25th Anniversary Product Release

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Courtesy of Elgin Separation Solutions

This year, KEMTRON Technologies is proud to celebrate 25 years of business. From the very beginning, KEMTRON has been providing quality, sophisticated solids control and waste management equipment to the oil and gas industry. This remarkable benchmark has been made possible by our unwavering commitment to our customers through offering durable value, now.

For 2014, after intensive research and development, KEMTRON is excited to introduce the KT-1655HD Barite Recovery & Dewatering Centrifuge. The KT-1655HD is an industry first in offering a Class I, Division I, explosion-proof VFD control panel with a user-friendly HMI touch screen and an attachable back-drive module. This unit is ideal for a 100% closed-loop waste management systems and is the perfect addition to KEMTRON’s line of centrifuges.

KEMTRON also offers a rugged and dependable line of shale shakers including the Hyper-G™ Dual Motion Variable Speed Shaker. This unit provides both a powerful performance as well as a new standard in practical design. This unit is capable of producing up to 7 G’s of force and features a built-in VFD with high, medium, and low speed settings for precise solids control in any environment. The dual motion design allows the Hyper-G vibrator motors to be operated in either balanced elliptical or linear motion, right from the control panel, without having to change the swing weights or powering down the unit. Spare parts and consumables have been designed to ensure the lowest replacement cost and long-term product durability.  

In addition to providing dependable and rugged shakers, KEMTRON’s line of high performance shaker screens are designed to be durable and handle a large liquid flow capacity. KEMTRON screens are polyester powder coated, which significantly improves bonding coverage, bonding properties, and environmental resistance. In order to provide the highest quality of products, KEMTRON adheres to the rigorous API RP 13C standards for the oil and gas industry. For customer convenience, KEMTRON manufactures a full range of screens to fit competitor shakers.

By focusing on each customer’s unique challenges along with envisioning their goals, KEMTRON has become more than an original equipment manufacturer, we have become a sophisticated and trusted solutions provider. By providing locations and distributors worldwide and efficient lead times, we have put our customers first. Our pride is truly expressed in our work through our craftsmanship, research, design, and the overall practicality of our equipment. We enthusiastically look to the future as we continue to offer durable value, now. 

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