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40 mil HDPE Liner for Salt Evaporation Pond Project in Turkey - Case Study


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40 mil HDPE liner is the widely used HDPE geomembrane liner which is made from high-density polyethylene by triple layer coextrusion and film-blowing technology, about 2% carbon black, antioxidant, anti-aging and UV-resistance components are added.  HDPE liner exhibits excellent chemical and UV resistance, impermeability, and high yield and welded seam strengths, which is widely used as the lining system for civil engineering projects. 40 mil HDPE liner is suitable for seepage control in special industries, and is widely used for aquaculture, seepage control, reservoirs, sewage treatment ponds, mining and landfill projects.

Advantages of HDPE Geomembrane Liner for Salt Evaporation Ponds

  • The HDPE geomembrane liner can prevent the penetration of leachate effectively to protect the groundwater from being contaminated.
  • Good physical and mechanical properties.
  • Excellent anti-aging ability
  • Resistance to chemical corrosion
  • Good corrosion resistance performancewhich can resist the chemical corrosion of strong acid, alkali, oil, etc.

BPM customers from Turkey contacted us for HDPE geomembrane liner. By communication, we knew the customers needed the HDPE pond liner sheet for salt evaporation pond project, we recommended 1.0mm HDPE liner (40 mil) for him. They requested 30000 square meters, then BPM sales person sent the price and salt pond project cases for reference, we also sent the complete installation video to customers. They were satisfied with our professional experiences and high quality products. To showed our good quality, we sent them our Intertek test report and TRI test report together with the samples, which are very authoritative. By negotiation, we got the order.

Due to the high corrosive brine in the evaporation pond, the bottom of the pond needs to use high-quality 100% virgin geomembrane liner to increase the service life and reduce the risk of environmental impact. It is also necessary to set a small slope at the bottom of the evaporator, and an inverted pipe is installed to discharge the salt water into the monitoring well, the detection instruments to automatically detect and alarm the water quality in order to repair in time when leakage occurs.

40 mil HDPE Liner for Salt Evaporation Pond Project in Turkey
  • HDPE Liner Thickness – 40 mil (1.0mm)
  • Total Quantity – 30000 Square meters
  • Each Roll Size – 7m*100m

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