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A day in the life of Fariha Hassan


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In this new series, we take a look at some of the bright and knowledgeable people behind our success here at AdEdge Water Technologies and see how they tackle their day-to-day challenges. Today we are here with Fariha Hassan, a project manager with AdEdge since 2015.

What is your role at AdEdge?

I work with end users, engineers and contractors to execute projects to startup and commissioning once a contract is awarded. Within the organization, I work with and oversee different departments internally to design and fabricate water treatment systems per the project specifications.

How did you get into your particular field?

I was always interested in STEM disciplines as a child but started to seriously consider a career in engineering in high school. I knew I wanted to pursue a career that was forward thinking with a focus on improving not just the quality of people’s lives but the environment. Similar to how a doctor saves a patient's lives, environmental engineers save lives by providing clean water and air and through implementation of sustainable practices. Once I decided my major, my passion for access to clean water and its challenges drove me to focus on a track of water and wastewater treatment.

How did you end up at AdEdge? What do you enjoy most about your job?

While I was a student at Georgia Tech, I was the symposium chair for the Environmental Engineering Society. I hosted a symposium for the environmental engineering department, in which a former graduate attended with CEO Rich Cavagnaro. It was then that I met Rich for the first time and learned about AdEdge. After learning about my interest in a career in the water industry, Rich invited me to stop by the AdEdge facility for an interview. I accepted an offer shortly after my interview, and I have now been working at AdEdge for several years. The greatest joy my job brings is the ability to bring innovative solutions to customers and being directly involved in the process of providing clean water to customers.

What do you feel most proud of in your job?

My job is very rewarding because I can witness firsthand the power of providing clean water to end users. Implementing treatment solutions to provide clean drinking water to communities and cities has a direct impact on improving the quality of so many lives.   

Finally, what music are you listening to this week?

The music I listen to really varies daily, but I’ve recently been on an acoustic EDM kick. It’s the perfect blend of upbeat but relaxing music that helps me relieve stress!

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