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A weather station for your camping holiday

Courtesy of PCE Instruments

A weather station in a vehicle? Might sound strange but when you go on a camping holiday, a weather station can be exactly what you need when making decisions about where to go next.

Imagine you want to travel around in a camper or trailer. Those who like spending their holidays in more than one place instead of booking a package holiday and staying at the same hotel or hostel every night will understand what it means to be free to change locations whenever they want. Lots of camping enthusiasts start their trip without a fixed plan in their heads, just with a rough direction in mind. This is what distinguishes them from most other travellers. But there is one thing all travellers have in common: they want the weather to be good. Those who have a weather station in their mobile home has a huge advantage over others as the weather station allows them to forecast what the weather will be like in a certain place and to take these data into consideration when thinking about where to go next. There are numerous weather stations on the market which allow anyone to forecast the weather nearly as precisely as the meteorologist on TV or the weather app. Of course, using a weather app is much easier as long as there is free wi-fi. However, even today, free wi-fi is not available anywhere in the world and some people may find it much cooler to keep it “oldschool”. So if the weather is not as nice as desired, you can just go ahead and travel to a sunnier place or to a place where the climate is more moderate, or even where you are not drowning in mud. This absolute freedom is what campers love. Having the freedom not to depend on wi-fi to use the weather app makes the whole camping experience perfect.

A professional weather station allows you to measure various parameters, ranging from the wind direction, the wind speed, precipitation, the air temperature and humidity to air pressure. This allows you to make weather forecasts for the next few days in your area. PCE Instruments offers a lot of different models, from low-cost to expensive, from home-use over semi-professional to professional. All available models and current prices can be found here: https://www.pce-instruments.com/english/measuring-instruments/test-meters/weather-station-kat_41261_1.htm