Achieving sustainability goals


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Achieving Sustainability Goals with the Help of Verisae

Fresh & Easy is a $302 million US retail firm that committed itself to an ambitious climate change plan, outlined by its parent firm, Tesco. Founded in 2007, Fresh & Easy implemented a number of initiatives to make its stores and distribution centers the most energy and carbon efficient in the United States.

Faced with issues over energy and carbon data collection, emission baselines, cost saving calculations and project portfolio management, Fresh & East decided to purchase sustainable business software. Fresh & Easy chose Verisae because of its asset level data collection abilities, advanced analysis and forecasting functionality and its proven track record as a supplier.

Company Profile

Fresh & Easy, the U.S. subsidiary of British retail giant Tesco, is located in El Segundo, California and operates more than 150 stores in California, Arizona and Nevada. For more information about Fresh & Easy, visit

Business Benefits

Fresh & Easy encountered several problems when trying to achieve their environmental goals. They had data collection challenges, which prevented them from setting a baseline for performance and benchmarking their energy and carbon reduction projects. Verisae’s software solved Fresh & Easy’s problems and provided them with accurate, reliable data that allowed them to track emissions at an asset level, manage refrigerant asset management and maintain their goals for long-term sustainability. Since implementing Verisae’s software, Fresh & Easy has realized a savings of more than $3 million annually on their energy spend.

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