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Adsorption of C.I. Basic Blue 9 on chitosan-based materials

In this study, N-benzyl mono- and disulfonate derivatives of chitosan are used for the removal of dyes from aqueous solution. The effectiveness of these materials in adsorbing basic blue 9 (BB 9) has been studied as a function of agitation time, initial concentration and solution salinity. Experimental results confirmed the strong cation exchanger character of the sulfonated derivatives and showed that disulfonate derivatives of chitosan exhibited higher sorption capacities toward cationic dye than the monosulfonic one. Sorption of BB 9 reached equilibrium within 20-40 min and the maximum adsorption onto disulfonate derivative was 121.9 mg/g at pH = 3. The originality of both derivatives is their inversed pH domain of solubility compared to the parent polymer, so that they could be used as adsorbents in acidic medium without any crosslinking reaction.

Keywords: chitosan, Basic Blue 9, adsorption, adsorbents, wastewater treatment, dye removal, dyes, cation, wastewater treatment, water pollution

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