Air pollution facts, 5 pollution facts you should know!


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Air Pollution Facts Most Don't Know

The air we breathe becomes polluted for many reasons. Emissions from cars and trucks, chemicals from industrial production and that list can go on. Many people consider themselves air pollution experts -it is after all a hot topic and common discussion point that many of us want part of and to demonstrate our knowledge. The best way to tackle air pollution is right from the start to be properly informed.

Air pollution can at times be a bit of a drab topic to read about, but let’s make this fun and explore 5 weird facts about air pollution that you didn't already know. This would definitely be a great topical starting point to get a conversation going and foster increased awareness. The more people know, the better chance we will make better decisions in the future and improve our world and the air we breathe:

1) Burning Cash = Bad for the Air

When people choose to eliminate their garbage by setting fire to and burning it, this in turn becomes a major source of air pollution. Consider the fact that nearly half of the world’s trash ends up burned and the sheer numbers. This form of waste disposal releases carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, mercury, particulate matter among other toxins in the air.  Would you believe that burning paper money is part of the blame and contributes to air pollution? Ritual burning of paper money performed in temples and festivals adds a slew of toxins into the air. Save the atmosphere, put your money in a bank or spend it!

2) The Sistine Chapel And Your Breath

In 2010 it became apparent that the sheer volume of tourists who visit the Sistine chapel are actually causing the frescoes to whiten. Increased levels of carbon dioxide that comes from the breath of those people visiting is the cause. A powder that had built up comprised of calcium carbonate and calcium bicarbonate was removed before any major damage occurred but the lesson on increased levels of carbon dioxide. The tourist attraction has been said to take people's breath away but let's hope the people's breath don't ruin this beautiful attraction.

3) The Air in Your Home can be Worse than Outside

Outdoor pollution is definitely an issue but lets not forget indoor air quality. Appliance emissions tops the list such as gas and kerosene space heaters, commonly used in North American households. This pollution will likely cause physical and metal health issues and this affects homes and offices. This dilemma can be remedied with a good Super Hepa and Carbon filtering system within a quality air purifier in order to attain improved indoor air quality.

4) Air Pollution Ages You

You want to age gracefully right? Don't we all? Well, pollution just won't allow that! According to a recent report performed by Procter & Gamble, air pollution contains over 200 chemicals that will age your skin as much as 10% faster when living in a city. This only gets worse in larger cities with higher concentrations of air pollution. It is important how you look and how you feel!

5) Air Pollution Just as Bad as Smoking

There are solutions for removing deadly second hand smoke fumes from your home and offices. The Environmental Audit Committee of UK's parliament, recently argued that air pollution brings on about the same amount of deaths as smoking. Diesel cars are said to be a big part of this dilemma, emitting carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter. That's a high price to pay for diesel run engines.

Last Thoughts on Air Pollution

Air pollution is a tremendous problem the world over. It is true that some countries or areas have it worse or better than others. However, this should be a combined effort and everyone should be doing their part for the sanctity of each individual's health and well being and for the entire planet. Air pollution may seem too big a problem to tackle individually but the more people who aim to reduce the amount of pollution the better our world will be today and for future generations.

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