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Antalya’s ASAT find more than 100 leaks with ZONESCAN ALPHA – Case Study


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ASAT is the General Water Directorate for the Antalya region in Turkey. The water company was established as a public authority for all water and wastewater services connected to the Metropolitan Municipality of Antalya. ASAT serves approximately 2.4 million people living within an area of 20,909 km2. The water comes from dozens of deep wells and transported to the customers from five major pump stations through a distribution network of about 20,909 km of pipe. ASAT’s 2017 total water production was ca. 264 million m3 and its recorded water loss was ca 91 million m3 (34% NRW).

Why a fixed network

Because of heavy traffic in many areas and the age of the pipelines ASAT specialists found it difficult to conduct active leak detection. ASAT decided to look for technological solutions to help identify and pinpoint leakage more effectively. In their search, ASAT came across GUTERMANN and requested a demonstration. After the demonstration a few equivalent systems were evaluated but eventually ZONESCAN ALPHA was selected because of its ease of use, the unparalleled accuracy of detections and the ergonomic design of the equipment.


The first installation of 100 measurement points was done in October 2016, and 240 more measurements points were installed in September 2017. GUTERMANN technical staff and the local partners assisted ASAT staff in the deployment of the system and trained them in the use of the cloud software.


After the first installation, ASAT performed leakage surveys on the leak positions ZONESCAN ALPHA produced. The money saved thanks to the leaks identified and fixed was approx. 200% of ASAT’s capital investment in the system. As a result the ASAT authority decided to invest all the profit earned from the leak detection related to ZONESCAN ALPHA in expanding the system  with the aim to increase leak detection success even further.

To date, over 100 leaks (small & big) have been found with a leak run rate of about 270 liters per second. In addition, the leakage found has also provided energy savings of about 7%. In the area monitored by ZONESCAN ALPHA, 19% of non revenue water was reduced.


Like many municipalities, ASAT has an accute lack of personnel. The successes with ZONESCAN ALPHA led ASAT management to subcontract leakage detection to external suppliers. Thanks to the installed leak monitoring system the technical staff has started to catch up on leak detection and repair work. Furthermore, pipe replacement decisions have been improved to focus on the most relevant (leaky) areas of the network.

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