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Application of the AMT method case study


Possibilities of the AMT method at searches of kimberlite pipes
Last years a number of industrially important low magnetic kimberlite pipes have been discovered. That is why the role electromagnetic method increases at searching works in diamond bearing regions. The audiomagnetotelluric (AMT) sounding method has quite big depths of investigation. Tensor measurements increasing effectiveness of electromagnetic surveys in heterogeneous media are realized.

Results. On results of investigations in Yakutskaya and Arhangelskaya diamond bearing provinces were shown that anomalies of low values of resistivity which are connected with kimberlite pipes allocated in cross-section confidently (Fig 1, 2). The parts of kimberlite pipes which consist of conductive porphyric kimberlite are allocated the most contrastingly. Using the AMT method is the most effective in difficult geological conditions such as at sites which are overlaying with thick layers of sedimentary rocks or traps.

The obtained results show that the АМТS method allowed to allocated anomalies of low values of resistivity which correspondwith kimberlite pipesincluding siteswith difficult geological condition.

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