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Application of the European Union Emissions Trading Directive in 2015


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Executive summary

This European Environment Agency (EEA) report, Application of the European Union Emissions Trading Directive in 2015, provides an updated overview of the information reported by European Union Member States on the implementation of the EU Emissions Trading System Directive (EU ETS Directive, EU, 2003). The report is based on the questionnaires reported by Member States in 2016 under Article 21 of the EU ETS Directive.

The report finds that the implementation of the EU ETS Directive is improving, based on the more complete and higher quality information reported by Member States in 2016 compared with previous years. The report identifies four particular areas where implementation has improved to a satisfactory level. These areas concern the use of certain flexibilities to reduce administrative burden, the completeness of sampling plans, the use of higher tier methods by installations for measuring emissions, and the decreasing number of complaints against verifiers.

The report also points to eight areas where implementation could further improve. These concern the submissions of improvement reports by operators, the verification process, the reporting of aircraft biofuel use, reducing non-compliance by aircraft operators in relation to monitoring and reporting, reducing the burden on small emitters, the implementation of specific requirements on monitoring and reporting for aviation operators, the notification of installation changes, and the use of penalties. Furthermore, despite noticeable improvements, the coordination of competent authorities could be further improved...

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