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Aquator case study


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Severn Trent Water
Provision of specialist modelling and support services for Aquator

Hydro-Logic has been appointed by Severn Trent Water to provide a range of support services for Aquator modelling. Aquator is a generalised water resource simulation system that is used by Severn Trent Water for analysis of their principal water resource systems. The resource system for the Company is currently represented by three models that are run independently and are the Wye model, the East Staffordshire model and the Severn/Trent model.

Hydro-Logic has a close working relationship with the developers of the software (Oxford Scientific Software) and is thus well placed to deliver the required support. This includes training new staff in use of the models, auditing of existing models, investigation of climate change on the availability of resources, review of constraints such as compensation flows, river abstractions and groundwater abstraction licenses.

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