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Best management practices (BMPS) for discharging water from a construction site


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Having problems on your job site with regulations related to pumping water from your site? Discharge water may carry harmful compounds that can, and have affected our water quality and the ecosystem, hence the environmental agencies concerns.

When pumping from dewatering systems, storm water management ponds (SWMPs), excavations or trenches, or any form of surface runoff, BMPs are needed to ensure discharge into the environment or municipal sewers are in-­line with allowable standards.

BMPs Aquatech uses to control discharge quality are:

  1. Pretesting: We need the baseline quality of water that will be pumped or transferred. This is done by properly sampling and testing in line with municipal/ provincial/national objectives, and must be conducted by a certified laboratory.
  2. Filtration or Treatment: Some tools that Aquatech employs for filtration and/or treatment are;; Enviro-­tanks, filter bags and geo-­tubes, sand media filters, pressure vessels (carbon, clay, alumina) and polymers that remove sediments and pollutants from the water (ex: hydrocarbons, metals…) to meet permit requirements.
  3. Operate and Maintain: During pumping, the filtration/treatment process is monitored to ensure it is operating properly and the discharge is meeting objectives.
  4. Monitoring and Testing: Our technicians will confirm that the level of sediments, turbidity, and/or contaminants/pollutants in the discharge are in compliance with permits before and throughout pumping into the natural environment or municipal sewer, thus avoiding adverse impacts as well as potential for fines and delays. Erosion Control of Discharge Proper set up of discharge is extremely important and is often overlooked as this can cause serious negative impacts. Eroded material can destabilize banks and can spread pollutants from scouring the surface material into the environment. Various forms of energy dissipaters can be used to minimize the eroding effect of discharge water. Commonly used devices can consist of stone in combination with flow energy directors or flow dispersion devices designed to reduce the concentrated energy of the flow from discharge pipes or hose minimizing potential for any erosion at outlet.

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