Capacitance Technologies have a real sense for the environment

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Courtesy of Arjay Engineering Ltd.

In the world of technology stars, capacitance has been type-casted.

For over 100 years, capacitance has performed in countless applications for industrial control and automation. It is routinely used for high and low level alarm, continuous level monitoring, interface transmitters, plugged chute detection and even dry pump control.

As new technologies have been introduced, such as ultrasonics, optics, radar and guided wave, capacitance has fi rmly held its place as a reliable device for process control.

Advancements in precision components and microprocessors have routinely renewed capacitance technologies and they now perform even better than ever.

In the early days of capacitance controls, industrial sustainability focused on improved automation and process control and any contribution to a company’s competitive edge was a main driver in instrument selection

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