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Casa Grande, AZ - 6,000 CFM Biocube System - Case Study


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About the Project


Casa Grande, AZ – Plant and operations management at a 6 mgd wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and water reclamation facility (WRF) here report elimination of odor complaints through installation of a 9000-cfm biofiltration system. The selection of the biofiltration technology instead of an initially planned wet chemical scrubber option was driven by strong opposition from operations personnel concerned about chemical handling burdens and hazards. A successful pilot test alleviated their engineering firm’s doubts about the packaged biofiltration system’s ability to handle the plant’s peak hydrogen sulfide (H2S) loading. The BIOCUBE™ biofiltration system, currently operating at about 6000 cfm, was installed as a three-tower unit at the headworks in 2005.

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