Case Study - Paint Spray Booth

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Courtesy of Kono Kogs, Inc.

Process:                Paint Spray Booth                                             


Problem:               Growing Company with Increasing Emissions Needs Their First Oxidizer 


Equipment:           Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer

                               4,000 scfm capacity (1997 vintage)

                               Installed: 2007

                               Location: California


Project Details:


Exceptional quality wood flooring manufacturer requires the finish provided by standard VOC finishes. VOC levels push their potential to emit values high enough to require air pollution control equipment.  The required destruction efficiency for this site was only 95%, allowing customer to any oxidizer technology.


Customer planned to designate production room a permanent total enclosure.


Solution Provided by Kono Kogs, Inc.


Single shift operation and low flow rate from the permanent total enclosure


The existing thermal oxidizer had a typical heat exchanger effectiveness for this industry and this oxidizer vintage.  However, with today’s fuel costs the fuel costs to run the thermal oxidizer exceeded $15,000/month. With increased airflow from the process, and additional air pick-up points from work areas, this coil coater wanted to investigate new technologies that will allow them to increase exhaust rates, with little to no additional fuel cost.


We provided a 30,000 scfm regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) system designed for the high temperature exhaust typical from coil coating oven exhaust.  Although the airflow being treated by the thermal oxidizer is more than 5 times the original exhaust rate, the refurbished thermal oxidizer had lower monthly fuel usage than the original system.  This was possible because of the high thermal efficiency of the regenerative thermal oxidizer, combined with the high solvent concentrations in the coil coating oven exhaust.  To handle the high solvent concentrations the RTO had a hot side heat exchanger bypass. The RTO also had a VOC entrapment (puff capture) feature, to provide the high VOC destruction efficiencies desired (98+%), and capture the visible emissions present during and RTO valve switch.


Equipment / Services Provided by Kono Kogs, Inc.:


              Refurbished Regenerative thermal oxidizer with:

o             Heat exchanger bypass

o             Puff capture/VOC entrapment

o             Upgraded PLC w/data highway plus

              Low Capital Cost: Approximately 40% of the cost for new equipment


              Energy efficient (95% HX) regenerative thermal oxidizer technology


              Late model (7 year old) system w/25+ year life expectancy

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