Case Study: Santa Monica College


Courtesy of Ellis Environmental Management, Inc.

Property Description: Former Military Research Complex. Five circa-1970 buildings. Total area = app. 380,000 s.f.
Environmental Issues Identified: Asbestos in fireproofing, wallboard and flooring throughout. Lead in damaged paint. Possible soils contaminants.
Services Provided: Ellis performed pre-demolition asbestos and lead surveys, as well as a Phase I (historical records search) site assessment. Later, Ellis prepared budget cost estimates and specifications for removal of all hazardous materials.
Summary: Ellis estimated $484,000 in pre-demolition abatement costs. The lowest four bids for this portion of the work ranged from $462,000 to $502,000. Once demolition was complete, Ellis surveyed exposed soils for PCBs and other contaminants during grading efforts.
“We were completely satisfied. Please keep up the good work and quick response time.”

G. Rose, Facilities Director, Santa Monica College

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