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Case study: Wastewater Compliance & Operational Efficiency


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Our Solution:

The mai application suite was deployed side by side with an existing PLC network. The company installed individual meters for water, electricity and gas at strategic locations around the site. mai was used to analyze and deliver to relevant personnel daily, weekly, monthly and year to date information in a timely manner. Through mai functionality, the company was able to establish maximum and minimum limits and deliver rapid notification to relevant personnel when certain limits exceeded. This system was coupled with an energy monitoring system and SCADA system for trend analysis.

Key Benefits To Client:

The goal of the mai application suite is to help companies Measure Analyze and Improve their operations and save both time and money. Using the mai application suite, the company was able to collect important trend analysis showing actual loads which allowed them to resize existing compressors to meet minimum load requirements.

The company was able to track outside hours and plant energy usages for the first time, which led to the shedding of all non essential loads. This benefit alone resulted in significant savings.

Also using the mai application suite, the company was able to monitory compressed air usage which allowed leaks to be detected and repaired , again leading to significant savings.

Finally, the client was able to display energy usage in actual units as well as an equivalent amount to assist with the energy awareness training that was undertaken. Overall cost of Energy monitoring package was paid for after 8 months.

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