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Cereform - case study


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As part of the global AB Maury Group, Cereform is providing a comprehensive range of technical bakery ingredients like dough conditioners and softeners, bread mixes and concentrates, soya flours, cake mixes and concentrates, donut mixes and concentrates and toppings, fillings and icings.

During the production of these products they have various dust producing processes.

One of the processes involves manually tipping bags of products through a tipping booth into a mixing hopper. This already had an local exhaust ventilation system that was under performing and offering a lower level of protection than required. This was mainly due to poor duct design throughout the system. To rectify this problem we removed and caped off redundant ductwork, redesigned and removed poorly sized and designed ductwork and installed new correctly designed clip ductwork. This improved the performance of the system by making it more efficient and offering more protection for the operator.

In one of the areas the powdered products are added using a small overhead crane to load large bags into a hopper. There were two of these stations which both had their own small filter units and were not adequately extracting the dust as required. We decided to remove both existing filter units and replace them with one larger filter unit which we would duct into the existing hoods as well as some new additional hoods we have supplied. As this system does not require all the hoods to be open and extracting all the time we also installed an Intellair system to manage the system and reduce running cost.

They have an additional area where small amounts of powders are weighed out by hand using scoops. The LEV system in this area had poorly designed ductwork allowing product to build up in the ductwork causing blockages and reducing the performance of the system. To solve this problem we removed all existing ductwork and replaced with new correctly designed and sized ductwork and remove existing extraction arms and replaced with new high quality one. After the work was done the systems performance increased and the chance of dust build up was removed.

Essentially we redesigned the LEV systems throughout their factory to meet current guidance and reduce the dust levels there operators or exposed to.

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