Choosing the right trailer for your needs

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In today’s changing market there are many options for haulers to accomplish their goals. One of these options is to use roll-off trailers instead of roll-off trucks. There are many models of roll-off trailers, from a very short 25' 11' to 48' long to help customers attack different markets and minimize their capital expenditures.

Short Roll-Off Trailers
The most popular of roll-off models is a short roll-off trailer that only measures 25' 11' long. They are popular because they are short, maneuverable and a reasonable, cost-effective alternative to a roll-off truck. When hooked to a tractor it is only about a foot longer than a standard roll-off truck tip to tip. This allows the trailer to be more maneuverable than a roll-off truck because the tractortrailer pivots. For those in need of fitting in tight spaces, a shorter roll-off trailer is a better option because it can carry more weight than a truck and can still get into the limited space required. Shorter roll-off trailers usually sell for a fraction of the price of a new roll-off truck and in today’s competitive market, spending less and being more productive is key for all businesses.

Longer Trailers
For those who need to maximize payload and do not have a space issue, a 40' long trailer is a great option since it is capable of carrying up to 38' long containers as well as the standard 22' containers. A 40' long trailer usually can payload more than 40,000lbs and these tandem axle trailers can be designed with a full frame for stability, maximizing payload while still operating at the 80,000 GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) maximum legal limit.

Oversize Trailers
Certain applications, such as scrap metal markets (up to 144,000lbs) or off-road applications require haulers to pick up enormous amounts of weight and permit their trailers to haul over the legal limit or run offroad. Conventional oversize trailers are built heavy and can haul more than 50 tons. These types of trailers are offered from 29' in length to 47' in length with two to eight axles. So, depending on container size and the State you operate in, make sure you design a trailer to suit your needs. In some states like Michigan and New York these trailers can be permitted up to 144,000lb and 102,000lb GVW respectively with the correct axle configuration.

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