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Clean and fume free environment for students

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The challenge

A new facility was erected at the Vredenburg Campus (South
Africa) in December 2008. Ventilation was not considered in the
development stage of the facility and was, therefore, very poor
with only natural air flow through open doors and windows and
some ‘whirlybirds’ in the roof of the building.

It was clear that - with welding being the main training activity
to take place in this new facility - the fumes would be a major

The solution

Plymovent supplied and fitted three fully automated welding
fume extraction systems with filtration. Each T-Flex arm was
fitted with a WL+ AST (working light and arc sensor), which
starts up the connected extraction fan automatically every time
a student strikes an arc to weld. The fan speed is reduced
automatically when welding ceases.

The ductwork was specifically designed by Plymovent SA (Pty)
Ltd., to enhance the performance of the telescopic welding
fume extraction arms. Plymovent SA (Pty) Ltd. further
manufactured, installed and commissioned the project, providing
West Coast College with a complete solution.

Capturing welding fumes at source remains the most effective
method, extracting the welding fumes, small particles, fine dust
and spark and spatter directly at the source of a welding process.
This way welding fumes do not get the chance to accumulate.
Plymovent offers various extraction arms, available from 1.4 up
to 8 metres. By fitting the right fan, filter, control box and arms
to one system, optimum extraction is guaranteed. The extraction
arms are connected to ductwork. Various settings are possible
depending on the local conditions such as flexibility, energy,
users’ ease and noise level.

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