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Continuous Arsenic monitoring at US EPA Superfund site


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A Cogent Environmental continuous heavy metals analyser, the OVA5000, has been configured to provide accurate Arsenic monitoring data at a US EPA Superfund site in New Jersey, USA, since 2005. The following information will outline the ways in which this technology has helped to protect the environment at the site, ensuring compliance with discharge consents and helping the remediation contractor to save costs.


The analysis of trace metals such as arsenic is commonly undertaken in the laboratory using techniques such as Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometry, X-Ray Fluorescence and Atomic Absorption Spectrometry; however, whilst these techniques offer high levels of accuracy and resolution, they incur a significant delay between environmental sampling and result provision. This can be a vitally important issue in environmental monitoring because realtime or near real-time data can inform control systems that are able to implement measures that protect the environment. The ideal solution would therefore be to provide laboratory levels of accuracy and resolution in a continuous monitor and this is exactly the challenge faced by remediation contractor, Sevenson Environmental Services Inc. at a site in Vineland, USA.

Continuous Arsenic monitoring at US EPA Superfund site

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