Dense medium separation ideal for processing SR and Zorba

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Courtesy of AD REM N.V. (Valtech Group)

Designed, engineered and manufactured by Belgium-based Galloo Recycling Solutions (GRS), the GRS Dense Medium Separator uses dense medium drums specifically designed for highly precise separation of plastics from non-ferrous metals. This technology is also ideal for processing shredder residue (SR), and Zorba (mixed materials obtained from SR).

According to Galloo, the high-precision capability of the GRS dense medium drum is achieved by using a very stable medium. A typical dense medium bath is relatively deep, which makes it difficult for suspended particles to remain in suspension. An unstable medium means that water can be found at the top of the bath, while a dense sludge remains at the bottom. For this reason, GRS says they developed a shallow bath that provides just enough agitation to keep the suspension medium stable.

Using a GRS dense medium separator, recyclers can handle a wide range of materials ranging from WEEE to plastics and minerals, as well as Zorba, ASR and other shredder residue. Depending on the size of the drum, particle sizes ranging from 4 to 200 mm can be processed, with units providing recovery of all metals.

According to Galloo, dense medium separation and heavy media plants can be used in multiple ways in shredding and scrap recovery operations.

At this year’s ISRI convention, in April, Galloo says they encountered many companies who were looking at the possibility of incorporating density separation technology into their operations.

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