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Domestic Development of Dry Powder Ball Pressing Machine


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Dry powder ball pressing machine is a kind of mix powder material powder or granular material is compressed into the ball equipment, widely used in metallurgy, coking, mining, coal, electric power and other industries, can be of aluminum and alumina powder, ferric oxide powder, coke crumbs, limestone powder, crystal and other granular materials are pressed into the ball. After pressed pellets can be used for metallurgical calcine, reduce dust, convenient for transportation.

High pressure dry powder ball press machine is mainly used for the pelleting of powdery materials that are difficult to be pressed and it has such features as high pelleting pressure, adjustable rotating number of the main engine and configuration of spiral feeder machine. The domestic development of ore powder bal pressing machine China is as follows: type coal pressure ball machine technology development is slow, started relatively late, too. Before liberation, only germans left in Shanghai a little MeiQiuChang and Japanese people leave some of the junk briquette machine in the northeast of China.After the liberation, type coal technology at first did not attach importance to by people.

Until 1954, Beijing, Shanghai and other places using domestic equipment built China's first batch of civilian MeiQiuChang.In 1956, Beijing began to produce honeycomb briquet by hand.By 1958, our country to produce honeycomb briquet machine similar to the Japanese.In the '60 s and 70 s, the domestic research carried out large-scale civilian coal.1978 developed with anthracite as the raw material on the ignition honeycomb briquet, developed using bituminous coal as raw materials in 1980 on the ignition honeycomb briquet and flammable civil hand warmer briquette, hot pot and barbecue charcoal, etc., so that the type of coal to inflammable, high efficient and clean direction took a welcome step.At present, the amount of the years of the republic of China with moulded coal sales in more than 40 million T.

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