Dust Collection Booths Defined


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Dust collection booths are important tools that have an important function in the conservation of your workplace. This article gives you a brief description of what dust collection booths are and how they can help you maintain the sanitation of your workplace.

How They Work
Dust collection booths work exactly like a portable dust collector, but on a larger scale. With this machinery, you will be able to get a more effective level of performance due to the fact it has a number of features that guarantee it can help maintain the organization of your work area or office.

The main and supreme feature of a dust collection booth is that it is designed specifically for the following applications: welding, sanding, brazing, and grinding. These collection booths help you form a self-contained environment, which eradicates all pollutants that may be harmful to both you and your employees’ health.

Efficiency and Air Flow
A dust collection booth also has a filtration efficiency of 99.97%. This makes sure all dust particles in your workspace are filtered out in order to protect you and your workers from any airborne disease, which could arise during work. A dust collection booth also has an air flow of 27,000 CFM.

In case you require a larger system to filter out the dust, you can easily add more units. Typically, a dust collection booth has an eight-foot height, which will assure you of more space for the collection of dust. Double insulated panels will stop any noise causing disruption inside other parts of the factory or company. A dust collection booth also has a dust-resistant light feature, which ensures optimal visual capacity for the user. Another feature that will increase efficiency is the blowers.

Dust Drawers and Filters
These are the most important features of the dust collection booth, as they make sure that the maintenance and collection process is of highest efficiency. Maintenance and collection are vital, as they control the efficiency of a dust collection booth in the work environments and stop dust particles that may affect and damage the workplace. Protect both your work environment and workers with this beneficial tool.

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