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Engine testing involves measurement of rotating speed and torque of the engine by applying load controlled by a dynamometer connected to its output shaft. HORIBA has developed various types of dynamometer for the purpose of engine testing. They are mainly classified into two types; one is absorbing only dynamometer such as hydraulic dynamometers and eddy-current dynamometers, the other is absorbing and driving machines such as AC, and DC dynamometers and oil hydraulic dynamometers. HORIBA's DYNAS3 dynamometers, based on AC synchronous and asynchronous motor technology, is the latest model range and has grown into one of the world's leading engine test dynamometer series. HORIBA's solutions for engine testing cover a wide range of applications such as the standard TITAN engine test bench systems, containerized test system, tilt & turn rigs, turbine engine test bench as well as their component parts such as dynamometers, the STARS test automation system and the SPARC real-time digital controller.

There is a wide variety of requirements for the test of a vehicle's combustion engine ranging from emissions and fuel economy, durability, noise and vibration optimization in addition to the high performance and responsiveness for acceleration/deceleration. Some of these targets often work against each other: a large number of engine control parameters need to be set to ensure that the engine performance is optimal in consideration of the overall balance between each performance target. Therefore, the development of vehicle can not be realized without engine testing. Engines are designed to be integrated and operated in a vehicle - therefore there are a number of specialist systems and control systems required to run the test engine in isolation. Here is an overview of the components indispensable for engine testing such as dynamometers and also some engine test application examples.

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