Evaluation of Permeable Reactive Barrier Performance

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This report on the performance of permeable reactive barriers (PRB) for groundwater remediation was prepared under the auspices of the Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable, a collaborative effort among federal agencies involved in hazardous waste site cleanup. Three United States (U.S.) government agencies, the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DOE), and United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as the Interstate Technologies and Regulatory Council (ITRC) contributed to the report, which is a concise summary of the conclusions and recommendations of the three agencies’ individual studies at different sites.

Naval Facilities Engineering Service Center (NFESC), Port Hueneme, California and Battelle, Columbus, Ohio are the coordinating partners for the DoD study. Battelle coordinated the preparation of this report for the Tri-Agency PRB Initiative, a consortium that was formed to leverage the resources, expertise, and site experience of the three agencies. The Tri-Agency PRB Initiative operates under the umbrella of the Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable. Charles Reeter is the project officer at NFESC for this study. Arun Gavaskar (Project Manager), Bruce Sass, Neeraj Gupta, Eric Drescher, Woong-Sang Yoon, Joel Sminchak, James Hicks, and Wendy Condit from Battelle conducted the investigation of PRB performance at DoD sites.

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