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EVAPCO’s advanced cooling solutions - Case Study


Courtesy of Evapco Inc.

EVAPCO’s advanced cooling solutions help realize massive power savings and vastly reduced maintenance. The 17-story, 380,000-sq-ft building was constructed in 1981.


  • Find a long-term solution to outdated cooling infrastructure
  • Prioritize energy efficiency
  • Minimize maintenance
  • Controls to optimize operation of the entire mechanical system
  • Streamline water treatment


  • Two eco-ATWB-E closed circuit coolers
  • Factory-mounted Pulse-Pure water treatment systems
  • Sage3 control system


  • Eliminated need for chemical storage and use in water system
  • Automated energy/water usage control, powered by the Sage3 control system
  • 75% reduction in annual energy use, equating to $24,800 in energy savings annually
  • Reduced monthly water consumption during the cooling season by 180,500 gallons
  • Overall annual cost reduction of $34,040 per year

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