Fit for Purpose Constant Force post system


Courtesy of Latchways PLC

Over the last fifteen years, Latchways has pioneered the advent of ‘top fixed’ systems incorporating their patented Constant Force post technology and ManSafe componentry. ‘Top fixed’ refers to the fall protection being installed to the complete roofing system rather than the traditional method of attaching an anchor through the roof to the building structure.

With such a fundamental change to the method of load control and attachment, combined with the proliferation of copy-cat products available on the market, it is imperative that specifiers, contractors, clients and end users can be confident that the selected product is ‘fit for purpose’.

In order to do so, Latchways undertake a rigorous two-stage testing programme in conjunction with major roofing system partner manufacturers. As a result, Latchways are able to provide an unrivalled product portfolio with proven performance in excess of the minimum standards.

This document sets out to explain the testing programme behind the ManSafe for Roofing Constant Force post system and how Latchways determine the correct specification of Constant Force post for a given roof construction. The following pages provide a full explanation to assist the decision making process, due diligence, liability and ensure compliance.


  • Constant Force technology
  • Representative roof test
  • Roofing system manufacturer approval
  • 300 kg dynamic drop test
  • Multi-directional testing
  • Omni-directional post
  • 6000J energy capacity per post
  • Three user unrestricted system
  • EN 365 product marking
  • Foreseeable misuse

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