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Flourishing Period of Fote Hydraulic Cone Crusher


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Hydraulic cone crushers from Fote Machinery are widely utilized in industries of coal mining, power, metallurgy, chemical engineering, transportation, construction and so on because of advantages such as the reasonable structure, advanced technology, reliable operation cost, environmental friendliness and safety, long service life, high crushing ratio and flexibility.

Through few-years' research and absorbing international advanced technologies, Fote Machinery has launched a new kind of crusher, the SKH hydraulic cone crusher, which accords to the needs of market.

Fote hydraulic cone crusher is a new style of crushing equipment with a cone body. The equipment has a unique design and it optimizes the rotating speed, stroke and the chamber of crushing, which helps to achieve the laminated crushing of materials, obviously improves productivity and improves the particle size.

The new equipment provides higher productivity, the best product particle size, simple operation and maintenance, and has strong credibility and flexibility that traditional equipments haven't. Fote Machinery truly stands by clients and creates the maximum value for them.

With the fast growth of the economy, infrastructure construction has been flourishing and the need for sandstone aggregate obviously is not met. The traditional cone crusher does gradually not conform to the requirement of market development for its conservative design, low efficiency and high energy consumption. Customers have an urgent need for a new product of a reasonable structure, high efficiency, environmental friendliness and high ratio of performance to price.

Fote Machinery Co., Ltd., as the world-renowned company on mine machinery with higher technologies, higher level, higher quality and higher service, its products have wide uses and various equipments Fote Machinery produces have reached the top international standards. Welcome old and new users for consultation and purchase, and we will provide our customers with the highest-quality, the most satisfying and the most economical line configurations.

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