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FRA: Leisure case study


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Woodland Environmental
Spelthorne Equestrian Centre

Hydro-Logic was appointed in 2007/08 to undertake a Flood Risk Assessment for a proposed Equestrian Centre in Shepperton near London. The site was a former landfill site that had been restored and was used for grazing. The proposals included soil importation and landscaping along with construction of stables and ancillary buildings.

The services undertaken by Hydro-Logic included site reconnaissance, hydrological analysis, drainage design and preparation of an FRA. The shallow gradient of the existing site meant that there was limited runoff from the site and localised areas that were waterlogged. The hydrological analysis required an assessment of the likely increase in runoff arising from the landscaping and other developments. This in turn required mitigation options to be investigated to ensure that the development did not lead to an increase in runoff from the site.

Outline design was undertaken for a balancing pond to the south of the site and a large infiltration basin to the north of the site. There were significant constraints for both of these, due in part to the parts of the site overlying the landfill. Additional investigations, including infiltration tests and hydrogeological studies were commissioned, to support the design work.

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