Gasfinder Benefits for Detection of Hazardous and Toxic Gasses

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Courtesy of Boreal Laser Inc.

Why Laser Gas Detection?

Very high spectral resolution (<0.01nm)

  • Minimum interference from other gases
  • Linear response over wide measurement range
  • Intense light source
  • High signal-to-noise and rapid response - typically < 1 sec
  • Long path lengths possible (to 1000m)
  • Very sensitive – ppm to ppb levels
  • Lasers available throughout NIR
  • Can be used with many gases
  • Solid state technology
  • Robust and reliable in all climates
  • No consumables and minimal maintenance
  • Can be used with fibre optics
  • Multi-path capability reduces cost per measurement

Specific GasFinder features

  • Built-in, stable calibration reference cell
  • Ensures GasFinder system stays in calibration.
  • Regular calibration cell checks eliminate zero and span drift
  • No consumables and no maintenance required
  • “No Phase Adjustment” detection technology
  • Vary path length with no electronic adjustments
  • No special expertise required to operate

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