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Ground crews talk sense on generator maintenance


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Aircraft servicing times are being reduced, enabling more flying hours, thanks to a new fully automatic generator testing station developed by MEL Aviation in Sudbury, Suffolk that incorporates a TorqSense sensor from Sensor Technology

A key element in the design of the station is Ihe use of a TorqSense non-contact torque sensor, which can be deployed instantly for high performance acceleration and deceleration tests of aircrafls' gpnera- tors. Conventional sensors would, by contrast require the fitting and align- ing of fiddly slip rings, an expensive process when considering the down time costs of an airliner or military jet.

MEL Aviation is a full service and repair provider for the overhaul of air- craft systems and components. It also designs, manufactures and supports military aircraft systems and military ground-support equipment (GSE). Civil airline customers include British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Monarch, BMI and Saudi Arabian airlines. On the military side it works with the UK MOD and BAE Systems, on the Eurofighter and Nimrod programmes, and has manufactured oxygen masks for use in military aircraft.

Gary Parker, one of the company's engineers explains that their 24 hour service is supported by sophisticated customer care and quality assurance cultures, one stop shop capabilities and a passion for excellence.

'For the most part we work with specifically designed technology and purpose-built test equipment. This breeds a culture of total responsibility for total reliability.'

When a civil aircraft isn't flying, it isn't making money. When a military aircraft is on the ground, defences are weakened. But an unsafe aircraft in the air is a liability to everyone, so they axe constantly rotating through ground servicing schedules to ensure their ongoing air and battle worthiness.

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