Halliburton increases focus on finding greener materials - Case study


Courtesy of UL - The WERCS

The Situation
As formulators of specialized products for the energy industry, Halliburton wanted to develop a scoring approach for evaluating the impact of formulated products on human health and the environment. They also wanted to compare products to each other in a relative fashion. The ideal method would allow for the quick scoring and reviewing of raw materials purchased by Halliburton against a GHS-centric scoring framework. The method in question also had to be completely transparent.

The Solution
With the help of The WERCS, Halliburton began using GreenWERCS, a software tool designed to determine the “green”-ness of products. GreenWERCS enabled Halliburton to accomplish three key goals. First, products were eliminated based on high or bad scores. This was done by evaluating product groups and eliminating products where safer alternatives existed. Secondly, by enabling the review of raw materials and working with their supply chain, Halliburton’s R&D team was able to develop significantly safer products. Finally, GreenWERCS provided credibility in the form of empirical, science-based data, allowing for the assisted marketing of new greener products to consumers.

Green Chemistry Realized
After several years of Halliburton struggling to drive green chemistry, the introduction of GreenWERCS provided them with information in an easy-to-understand visual format that led to a dramatic shift in internal dynamics. The strong visual data prompted a change in the thinking of major stakeholders. With the help of GreenWERCS, Halliburton has made more than 20 key products greener and safer. In addition, they are also much more engaged with their supply chain on new product chemistry and safer alternatives.

Who is Halliburton?

  • Founded in 1919
  • Global leader providing products and services in the energy industry
  • 60,000+ employees located in approximately 80 countries
  • Formulates products used to extract oil, gas and other energy products

The Technology
The WERCS has become the established global standard for chemical management, regulatory compliance, hazard communication and chemical- focused sustainability tools. With over 25 years of industry experience, our customers include over 2500 companies around the world. In 2009, The WERCS introduced GreenWERCS software-scoring tool that gives understanding to the potential impact of chemical-based products on human health and the environment on more products than any single scoring approach around the world.

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