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Here’s What I Know About Dust Collection Booths


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If there is too much dust in the workplace, it can cause many problems and the most serious is the short and long term health problems. Not only does dust make the place all messy and dusty, but also means you and your employees are breathing in harmful particles. The problems usually start off by allergic reactions and can turn into major respiratory problems. Also, a large amount of dust at work interrupts machinery and causes several malfunctions, which can result in a costly experience for you. However, the solution to your problems are dust collection booths.

What They Are

Dust collection booths are ideal pieces of equipment for workplaces that produce both a small and large amount of dust. They are perfect systems for those who wish to have a healthier and safer work environment. A dust collection booth is directly setup inside the workplace and controls the dust.

What They Offer

Dust collection booths offer a high level of control for dust, pollutants and dangerous particles that can be harmful to both the equipment and employees. With one of these systems in place, all pollutants are removed from the workplace, which results in cleaner air both inside and out.


A dust booth works perfectly well with dangerous materials, especially if a wet filter dust collection system is included. A dust booth is designed to work with dusts that are potentially explosive and provides a safe collection of the materials, as well as clean air that is OSHA and NFPA approved.


There is a huge variety of dust booths and these include the wet-type dust collection model, flood curtain booths, and the environmental work cell. The environmental booth is specifically for projects that involve sanding, finishing operations, chemical mixing, welding, and grinding of tools. A flood curtain booth suits projects like deburring, hand sanding, media blasting, and metal spraying. Lastly, the wet-type booths are designed for dangerous materials.

When selecting the dust booth for your workplace, it is important you consider the materials you work with. Speaking to an expert prior to choosing the final system is recommended, and ensures you make the right choice.

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