Hot lime softener


Courtesy of Filtra Systems

Project profile: Alberta Energy

End User: Alberta Energy
Location: Alberta
Commissioned: May 1999
Units- Phase 1: (2) FDB-78P Oil Removal Filters, (2)FDB-113P Softener Filters
Units- Phase 2: (1) FDB-113P Oil Removal Filter, (1) FDB-113P Softener Filter
Flow Rate (Oil Removal): 2,600 gpm (90,000 BPD) (590 m3/hr), 3,450 gpm (120,000 BPD) (780 m3/hr)
Flow Rate (Softener): Oil removal from water, prior to hot lime softening.
Process 1:
Process: 2 Softening prior to ion exchange, post lime softening 

Process Description

The Hydromation Deep Bed Filter is implemented in the Oil Removal step (ORF), prior to lime softening, and the Softening step (After Filter), post lime softening.

At the site, the oil removal filter influent is between 100 ppm and 300 ppm with an effluent less the 3 ppm oil and solids. The softener is then used for solids removal and polishing before ion exchange. The softener effluent is consistently less than 1 ppm TSS.

Hydromation is a licensed trademark of Petreco International.

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