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How Carpet Shampooers Can Help Achieve a Healthier Indoor Environment?


Carpet shampooers contribute a lot toward maintenance of clean carpets. Since carpets often occupy a lot of space indoors, keeping them clean is of prime importance. Dirty carpets attract pests and mold, and cause bad odors. Moreover, dirt on carpets creates hygiene problems in indoor areas. They are responsible for allergies and many illnesses, and are particularly bad for the health of children and pets. Grease, fungus, food remnants, and stains are just some of the impurities found on carpets.

To ensure that illnesses caused by dirty carpets are kept at bay, home users and contractors use carpet shampooers clean carpets to perfection. Carpet wash machines remove almost all stains from carpets. These machines use a detergent solution to remove all kinds of impurities and dirt from carpets. For best results, use an eco-friendly detergent that is nontoxic, biodegradable, and non-corrosive. Additionally, some carpet wash machines are equipped with special wands to clean upholstery. Therefore, using these machines, you can clean fabric furniture covers, sofa covers, and so on.

Carpet shampooers use hot water or cold water for washing carpets. The machines that are not fitted with heating devices use cold water only for carpet washing. However, commercial carpet wash machines can use hot water for carpets washing, even if they do not contain a heating device. Carpet shampooers that do have a heating device achieve temperatures of up to 210°F. These machines offer another additional benefit of greater productivity. They can heat water in as little as five minutes.

Wand Design and Vacuum Pressure
If you plan to use carpet cleaning machines for commercial applications, such as cleaning carpets and upholstery in hotels, retail areas, theaters, conference calls, restaurants, and so on, always purchase a machine that is designed for commercial use. These machines feature not only high temperature, but also durable components, such as stainless steel, corrosion resistant wands.  Contractors normally use 12in. wand for cleaning carpets and a 4in. wand for cleaning upholstery.

Some contractors may prefer a portable carpet cleaning machine. Portable carpet cleaners can be transported conveniently to any location for carpet cleaning. These portable carpet cleaners are mostly used by mobile car wash businesses and contractors who must carry out cleaning contracts at different locations. Some carpet shampoo machines even feature automatic filling and dumping, enabling the operator to save time and wash more carpets while the machine refills automatically and dumps the dirty water without requiring manual intervention.

Some commercial carpet cleaners also feature wands that enhance their suction power. These wands usually facilitate 60% more suction pressure than normal wands. In addition to the type of wand, other factors, such as air flow and water column lift, are also important in deciding the power of the vacuum suction of the commercial carpet cleaners.

Contractors recommend that you purchase carpet shampoo machines with low flow rates. Low-flow carpet shampoo machines use less water and facilitate lower carpet drying time of about 2-4 hours. These are just a few of the reasons why carpet washer machines are equally popular with commercial users as well as homeowners.

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