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How To Avoid Penalties For Not Containing Spills


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'Chemical spills can cost your company millions of dollars not to mention the bad publicity that results from suffering a spill. Every business wants to avoid the possibility of an uncontained hazardous material spill if at all possible. To do this you need a spill containment system designed for the type of hazardous materials that your handle. Safe Drain provides an innovative ground breaking storm drain management technology. With years of experience in the area of spill containment and sediment control, Safe Drain provides the best spill containment systems for water erosion, oil and chemical based products that must be kept out of the environment.

Unfortunately, storm drains that were originally meant to allow rain water to harmlessly run into the nearby rivers and streams have become a portal for the accidental introduction of hazardous materials such as oil or chemical spills and construction debris getting into and polluting the water supply or clogging smaller streams. This problem costs the construction, chemical and oil companies million of dollars each year to compensate for the damages done to the environment and, in some cases, to the local residents who develop health problems or suffer property damage directly related to the spill. Safe Drain manufactures custom built stainless steel storm drain spill containment inserts that are easy to install and are SPCC compliant.

Safe Drain's stainless steel custom designed stainless steel insert comes with lifetime durability when compared with sand bags and berms. Its most unique feature is its valve and storm drain filters .Unlike other products, safe drain inserts allow the rain water to flow unimpeded when the valve is open and nothing flows if the valve is closed. In high risk scenarios, you can keep the valve closed and open it when rain is expected. In low risk situations, you can keep the valve open since the valve can be opened or closed in a matter of seconds to either allow rainwater to flow or prevent leakage from a spill.

The valves in the Spill Containment equipment are lubricated with a special lubricant and will not freeze in winter. Storm drain insert filters are replaceable and the company recommends annual replacement before the rainy season and throughout the year as needed. It is easy to perform a visual inspection to determine if the filter needs cleaning or replacing. The systems can also be installed in as little as 30 minutes and normally don't require any modifications to the existing storm drain that would require a construction permit. Since the system is custom designed, it always fits perfectly the first time.

Do you need a Safe Drain system? Answer the following questions:

  • Do you have unprotected or poorly protected storm drains?
  • Are they located in an area where runoff is a problem or where the potential for a hazardous spill exists?
  • Have be cited for storm water violations and been told it is in violation?
  • Do you have enough insurance or cash on hand to pay out huge fines or court ordered damages?
  • Can you afford the negative publicity that a hazardous chemical spill will cause?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you definitely need a Safe drain containment system.

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